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The 19th World Festival of Youth

The 19th World Festival of Youth – An Event Way Beyond Just Personal Experiences

The event was undoubtedly a gala one and being a part of the JK Business School community it was rather a great achievement as to represent the mother nation and one of the top business college in Gurugram that works marvelously on the holistic approach of its students to the core. Not only the representatives of the youth NGOs, young leaders belonging from political parties took part in the event, but young University professors and engineers were also seen volunteering for varied activities that students including JK Business School and likewise institutions were part of.

The grandeur of the event was such that around 1500 students were shortlisted basis their regional programs and were departed to 15 different cities in Russia where all of them performed and volunteered for various cultural events and discussion forums. The best part about the entire event was the fact that the figure was huge as compared to the past years and is growing by the day in order to promote equality amongst nations and mankind in general.

The WFYS always aimed at bringing countries together with a view to strengthen international relations worldwide and to bring forward the thought of humanity and betterment of mankind. Speeches presented by the students from various cultures gave an overview of how well our tomorrows could be framed keeping national integrity in minds. Some of the main highlights of the event included knowledge economy, cultural and globalization, public institutions development and politics and international security, which enthralled the audiences to the brim.

Moreover, the JK Business School, being one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi/NCR have always worked for the betterment of its students so that they can excel in whichever fields they’ve opted for and become leaders. On account of the 19th World Festival of Youths, the JKBS also came up with innovative ideas on the discussion program that laid emphasis on the sustainable business development goals adopted by the United Nations.

If we talk about the overall experience of the event, it was one of the most productive ones in terms of learning that was endless in various perspectives. It not only encouraged the youth of today to become great human beings and leaders of their

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respective countries and nations but also generated the feeling of unity amongst each other that is utmost important in today’s world, which faces socio-economic and political stigmas.

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