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PGDM Fee Structure 2024-2026

PROGRAMME FEE 1st Instt. (Including Registration Fee) 2nd Instalment 3rd Instalment 4th Instalment TOTAL
Due Date 15th June, 2024 15th Nov, 2024 15th April, 2025 15th Sept, 2025 -
Admission Fee ₹55,000 ₹55,000
Foundation Program ₹35,000 ₹35,000
Tution fee ₹120,000 ₹120,000 ₹120,000 ₹60,000 ₹420,000
IT Services ₹5,500 ₹5,500 ₹5,500 ₹5,500 ₹22,000
Knowledge Resource Center ₹8,500 ₹8,500 ₹8,500 ₹8,500 ₹34,000
Co-Curriculum Activities ₹27,000 ₹27,000 ₹27,000 ₹27,000 ₹108,000
Skill Development Training ₹30,500 ₹30,500 ₹30,500 ₹33,500 ₹125,000
Total ₹281,500 ₹191,500 ₹191,500 ₹134,500 ₹799,000
Security Deposit (Refundable) ₹10,000 - - - ₹10,000 -
    1. Registration fee for the students will be INR 90,000
    2. Foundation Programme for 2024-26 Batch will commence from 24th June, Monday 2024.
    3. Students can apply for refund within a week. No request shall be accepted after 30th June 2024. (In case of withdrawal from the Programme the refund will be made as per the AICTE guidelines).
    4. Tuition cost for all the courses are calculated at the rate of ₹ 4000 per credit. An amount of INR 4000 will be charged per credit for extra credit availed by student.
    5. Alumni charges of Rs.6,000 are payable on completion of programme at the time of convocation.
    6. Minimum cohort shall be 10 for in campus course and 15 for outbound courses.

* Selection based on Govind Hari Singhania Global Immersion Scholarship (50%) of total cost of the programme.



Uniform (2 pairs of Shirts & Trousers, Blazer, Pullover, T-Shirts & Tie) – 1st Year only ₹ 7,000
Medical Insurance. ₹1,000
Electricity charges as per usages (Individual meters for rooms)


For one academic year (25th June’ 24 - 30th April’ 2025) payable in advance ₹60,000
Mess charges (payable in advance while check-in): INR 40,000 for one academic session (25th June’ 24 - 30th April’ 2025) ₹40,000
Security Deposit (Refundable) ₹ 10,000


AC Rooms on twin sharing basis (As per availability)
Each student is provided with bed, cupboard, writing desk, chair and electrical fitments including water heaters. Furnishings are to be arranged by the student(s).
Hostel to be vacated by 6th May or within 7 days of last day of examination whichever is later. In case a student is desirous of continual stay, hostel fee for two month @ ₹ 16,000/- is payable by 30th April.
The fee for the next academic session is to be paid by 30th April.
Late payment charges applicable as per institute policy

Refund Policy – As per AICTE Guidelines (Reference: AICTE Guidelines No.- AICTE / Legal / 04(01) / 2007, April 2007)

Process of refund of tuition, development and other fees after cancellation of admission secured through CAP rounds, institute level round(s) and vacancy round(s) of admission:

The candidate, who has been provisionally admitted, may cancel admission by submitting an application for cancellation in duplicate, in the prescribed format and may request for refund of fee.

The refund of fee as applicable shall be made in due course. It is made clear that such application for cancellation will be considered if and only if the admission is confirmed by paying the prescribed tuition fee and other fees in full and by submitting the original documents.

Situation Refund
On request received before the date of start of the academic session & seat could be filled by the Institute before the cut off date. Entire fee less by Rs 1000/-*
On request received on/after the beginning of academic session & seat could be filled by the Institute before the cut off date.. Entire fee less the Seat Cancellation Charges on pro rata basis **
On request received before/after the start of the academic session & seat could not be filled by the Institute No Refund (except security deposit)

*Note: Entire amount of Security/Caution Money Deposit will be refunded to the candidate.
For calculation of the Cancellation Charges on the pro-rata basis, one month shall be treated as one unit e.g. if the candidate cancels admission on third day i.e. within one month after the start of academic session & the seat is filled before the cut off date, then Cancellation charges on pro rata basis will be the higher amount of (Entire fee ) /12 or Rs. 1000/- We have fixed dates of refund cheques to be issued . All refund applications received between 1st January and 31st March are issued cheques in the first week of April. Next refund date would be 1st July 2024.

Payment Options for PGDM

Axis Bank LTD.
Name JKBS Fee Collection Account
A/C No. 056010100414845
Branch Sector 14, Gurugram
IFSC UTIB0000056
By Cheque:
Name JKBS Fee Collection Account
By Demand Draft
JKBS Fee Collection Account payable at Gurugram
Pay through PayTM
Scan to pay via PayTM

Education Loan help


How to apply?

  1. Collect your offer letter from JKBS
  2. Submit all the documents to the nearby bank branch
  3. Get approved loan amount

Loan Amount: Upto 7.5 lac. without security.

For more details contact: eduloan@jkbschool.org