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JK Business School offers PGDM scholarships to Promote Excellence and Reward Meritocracy. The objectives of offering Scholarships are as follows:

  • - To promote academic excellence at JKBS.
  • - To reward the hard work of the meritorious students.
  • - To develop and nurture competitiveness amongst students.
  • - To encourage talented students to perform better in each trimester.
  • - To build a sense of achievement in the students.
  • - To demonstrate the JKBS corporate social responsibility.

The students applying for admission shall be offered scholarships as per the following matrix:

Scholarship. BBA First 10 admissions on merit basis Category (I & II). Maximum No.Of Scholars.
Entrance examination based Scholarships First 10 admissions on merit basis Category (I & II)
Rolling Scholarships. 5% of Top Performers only

1.1 Entrance Examination Based Scholarship*:

Category. Entrance Examination. Percentile. Scholarship Amount (INR).
I CAT/XAT/GMAT >70 >80 >90 20000 30000 40000
II MAT/CMAT >80 >90 >95 20000 30000 40000




To encourage students to perform better, JKBS rewards the top 5% students of the class in the program with a scholarship equivalent to six-course credits (presently worth Rs. 21000) in every trimester. The Rolling Scholarships are awarded on Trimester Grade Point Average to 5% of the students as a Tuition Fee waiver for the Ensuing Trimester.

The selection will purely merit basis for the application and interview process (waiver of 50% of the Summer Exchange Programme cost)

Through a rigorous selection procedure, meritorious students will be selected for one full term study tour at a foreign university under the collaboration between JK Business School and the University/ Institute.

The students will have the opportunity to Study along with management students from across the globe, learn best teaching learning-process from the prominent professors from across the globe, learn management systems and practices by visiting and interacting with managers at various firms in that country, learn to adapt in multicultural environment and Individual holistic development.

During the term (June to August), the students will study Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Agribusiness, Venture Formation/Finance, International Comparative Management (or any other subjects offered by the university at that time) apart from extracurricular activities & shall be awarded certificate..


  1. Topper of the year as per academic performance gets a Gold Medal. The CGPA of both the years will be considered for the same.
  2. Second rank holder will get a silver medal. The CGPA of both the years will be considered for the same.
  3. Topper in all-round performance of the institute gets a Gold Medal..

*Note: Entire amount of Security/Caution Money Deposit will be refunded to the candidate.
For calculation of the Cancellation Charges on the pro-rata basis, one month shall be treated as one unit e.g. if the candidate cancels admission on third day i.e. within one month after the start of academic session & the seat is filled before the cut off date, then Cancellation charges on pro rata basis will be the higher amount of (Entire fee ) /12 or Rs. 1000/- We have fixed dates of refund cheques to be issued . All refund applications received between 1st January and 31st March are issued cheques in the first week of April. Next refund date would be 1st July 2021..