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MDP on Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency has created a shift in the way we look at money today. Everyone is seeking how to potentially buy it, trade it amidst high volatility, and hold it as a “store of value”, especially across the impeding slowdown.

As cryptocurrency is a digital currency or virtual digital currency which is secured by cryptography, most of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology and are generally not issued by any central authority, which makes them immune to government interference and manipulation.

As the world is becoming more reliant on the internet and transactions are happening online therefore digital currency has claimed the interest of investors (both institutional and retail). In this MDP learn why it takes time and effort to understand how this ecosystem works, why it makes sense to add Cryptocurrency in your portfolio, does it act as an inflation hedge or hedge against dollar, or what is its correlation with the precious metals such as Gold.


This program will introduce the participants to learn the art of taming BTC and ALTS from the very best in business. The participants will learn how the big institutional investors, whales or retail traders avoid general pitfalls & trade cryptocurrencies to grow their capital by 2 to 10 times with the best trading and investing strategies across the globe.

For whom

  • Institutional Investors
  • Retail Investors (including business executives who love to manage their own capital, like to beat the market returns and/or no longer excited by returns from real estate)
  • Students

Program Coordinator:

Prof. Kuber Sharma

Serving as the Country Head of a US based endowment, he is a seasoned investor, active trader & a passionate Educationist. Alumna from the Value investing program at Columbia Business School (USA). He has been mining, staking & trading in Cryptocurrency since 2014.

Email: mdp@jkbschool.org

Contact No: +91 7011759387

Date: 16 October onwards

Program Fees: Rs 4000 per participant

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    An organization sponsoring five participants to the MDP will be entitled to a group discount of 15% on the total fee payable provided that at least five participants actually attend the program. If the actual participation is less than 5, refund may be made after deducting the full fee of actual number of participants who attend the training program.

    For Group Enquiry and Registrations:

    Contact: Mr. Ashok Tomar

    Email: jkbschoolmdp@.org

    Contact No: +91 7011759387

    Contact us:

    MDP Office

    JK Business School,

    JK Chowk, 1200 Mtrs on Damdama Lake Road,

    Off- Sohna Expressway, Gurugram-122102 (Haryana)

    Website: https://www.jkbschool.org/