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Celebrating Teachers’ Day with JK Business School

On this day that is dedicated to all the Teachers, JK Business School gives heartfelt wishes to all the Teachers out there. You are the guiding pillar of a student’s life. Besides parents, it is the teacher that works rigorously to polish a student, understand his needs and work towards his progress with pride. Teachers’ Day


Teacher’s Day is a celebration to pay our tribute for their contribution to the society. It is because of their hard-work that students’ lives get touched. In the true sense, we can say that they are the builders of the Nation.

But you must be wondering how and why Teachers’ Day is observed on September 5th.

It was in 1962 that the birthday of former President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was first observed as Teachers’ Day on 5th September. Besides being the President, the Vice President and Indian envoy to the Soviet Union, he was also a philosopher and a teacher.

Teachers are incredibly important to society in many ways and even though, we are thankful to them throughout the year, it is indeed great to have a day dedicated to them. The celebration boosts their morale and also gives the students’ an opportunity to present their gratefulness to them.

Playing a critical role in learning and development, they are the ones under the guidance of whom many lives get shaped and transformed. Appreciating their hard work today and forever, we at the top business school of Gurugram wish every teacher a very happy and blissful Teachers’ Day. Thanks for all your contribution. We wouldn’t be what we are without your support, guidance and motivation.

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