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Contributing to Better Education with Innovative Curriculum at JKBS

For some prominent business and management institutions across the country setting strong foundation in relevant teaching and mentoring tactics has always been a basic need in aspiring for excellence. And this holds true for the best business school India as an example of greatness rooted in sets of education values based of well formulated principles.dscn0305

To make a qualitative and positive impact on tomorrow’s managers and entrepreneurs calls for a radical shift from mainstream techniques to practical equipping of students with present needs that most industries are searching for in potential new recruits. This includes some of these interesting techniques;

Though for some institutes regular lectures are necessity what is more apparent is the need for regular interface with industry to understand and learn practical needs and challenges manager’s face in the course of executing their duties. It also exposes students to learn about the reality of their preferred industry.  img_9017
Mentor program is one interesting, interactive and innovative parts of training future leaders, that helps impart and develop lifelong social skills and even hidden talents beyond the lecture halls. It celebrates life and humanity beyond boardroom and corporate life as it showcases student abilities and emotional connection to their immediate world. This celebration of diverse talent through sports, debate, quiz, drama etc. is a breakaway from the regularity of more course work and assignments.

Banyan tree program in a similar vein has a unique portent ability to bring out the passion within to the fore and help the future managers and leaders leap not only from positions of strength but conviction in ability and desire to pursue their goals. Besides nature experiences, stand and talk, group discussions it springs out a lot of human elements so crucial in a professional set up.

It important to make that transition from a student life to ready, well evolved and trained business leaders and managers in the best business school India.

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