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How Dr. Sanjiv Marwah’s leadership and student engagement empowers future leaders


“Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others,” John Maxwell. That indeed is a sign of a true leader, who also leads by example. And the best leaders will tell you that the idea is not to create more followers but other leaders. While corporate bigwigs have the platform to lead and inspire certain number of employees, leaders of a B School lead the way for a generation of game changers in different walks of life. Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School wears the hat of being a kingmaker with aplomb, inspiring fellow academics and his students to achieve excellence.

A commanding figure in academia

A PhD in Customer Relationship Management, Dr. Marwah has over two decades of experience in corporate functioning, academics and administration behind him. The founder editor of University Journal of Management Practices and author of two course books, his illustrious career is inspiration in itself. But what sets him apart is his hands-on approach and consistent involvement with campus activities. His interactions with not only the faculty but the student community have helped raise the bar for learning. Accolades for JKBS from reputed organizations like ASSOCHAM and Education Post stand testimony to the efforts.

Global partnerships for best results

It was the “Certificate of Excellence in the field of Education for Best Business Institution in Asia for Industry-Academic Partnership” JKBS received earlier this year. “We consult industry practitioners to make our curriculum more aligned with the needs of the market,” says Dr. Marwah. The involvement is comprehensive and covers live projects, guest lectures by CEOs and CMOs of top organizations, seminars, internships and more. He has also helped foster alliances with institutions like IIM Bangalore, which have resulted in initiatives like IIMBx, Capstone and Fintech projects that boost credentials of the students. International immersion programmes bring them global exposure.

The ambassador for the institute

The growing reputation of JKBS is complemented by the towering presence of Dr. Marwah at important industry and academic events. He was at the forefront of the recent International Conference on ‘Intellectual Property Rights: Digital Transformation’. From events like Round table Discussion organized by People & Management Magazine to being one of the esteemed authors and editors for the Higher Education Leadership and Management Book, he has left an indelible mark. Representing the values and vision of the B School, the leader transforms into an ambassador for JKBS legacy taking it forward and further.

At the heart of the college community, campus activities

As he powers the growing reputation of the B School in outside world, Dr. Marwah’s commitment to engagement in campus activities is unwavering. His influence is visible in several initiatives that have become the hallmark of JKBS campus. With rapid digitization all around, the B School offers courses in Business Analytics, Digital Analytics and Marketing Analytics. But it’s the Digital Campus Initiative mobilized by the Director that puts the preaching into practice. Google Classrooms, use of Google Drives, software and digital technologies has effectively led to a paperless campus.

But Dr. Marwah’s green initiatives on the campus don’t stop at reducing wastage of paper. One of the novel initiatives is the Green Credit offered to students for their eco friendly efforts. Groups of students plant trees and nurture them during their time on the campus. In return, they get credits for their commitment to a greener planet. From introduction of concept of cryptocurrency through actual hands on experience where students are given the money to invest, to entrepreneurship cell, digital programs to green drives, Dr. Marwah’s presence inspires and empowers students to themselves be leaders our world needs tomorrow.

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