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Finance Week at JKBS offers industry exposure and insights

Finance Week at JKBS offers industry exposure and insights

The Finance Week at JK Business School offered a mix of engaging activities that packed many interesting learning experiences for students. Held between 21 February and 1 March, the Week was designed to expose students to the industry and also make Finance fun to learn. Industry visits and activities like movie screening led to engaging discussions and offered important takeaways for students.

It all began with a visit to BSE Investor Service Centre, New Delhi, where students got the opportunity to learn about the stock market from experts. Working of stock exchange, role of SEBI, how stock exchange impacts our economy, and trading and its dos and don’ts were just some of the topics discussed on the day. During the Q&A session, students could get their queries addressed by professionals.

In keeping with the theme of stock market, a screening of movie Baazaar was organized on 22 February. Dealing with the machinations and manoeuvres of the stock market business, the movie made for interesting viewing. The session encouraged students to question and to discuss the way the industry works. It was a fun way to talk about this dynamic area in the world of Finance.

Industry experts Mr. Harvinder Singh Minhas, Vice President and Head of Alliance Sales, Accenture and Mr. Nitin Guru, Digital Health CoE, India, Boston Scientific were on campus for a guest lecture session held on 25 February. Mr. Minhas and Mr. Guru brought their considerable industry experience to the table while speaking about Derivatives Market and Data Sciences respectively. It was an engaging session that offered students valuable insights about the latest developments in the field. Both of them were impressed by the strong foundation in Finance demonstrated by students. The discussion seamlessly revolved around various complicated financial instruments, and their pros and cons. The guest speakers were particularly impressed by Twinkle Gaur, final year PGDM student, and even expressed interest in recruiting her. Truly, guest lecture sessions can lead to many opportunities.

The two-day workshop conducted by Karvy Finance, a leading financial services company in India, capped the learning experience for the week. Mr. Jeetendra Rawal from Karvy Finance spoke on a number of topics including Depository, Financial Market, and Equity Market. He even offered to open free DMAT accounts for students. Mr. Rawal showed interest in recruiting students Subroto Poddar and Aditya Agarwal in future. Students walked away with certificates at the end of the workshop.

During the Finance Week, students could participate in diverse learning activities both on and off campus. From industry visit to guest lecture to workshop and more, they got ample opportunities to expand knowledge and hone skills in tune with their career aspirations.

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