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Guest Lecture Points on Performance Management System at JK Business School

Guest lectures are usually done to empower and bring new important perspectives on a subject matter that affects an industry to any attentive target listening audience. Likewise, the guest lectures at JK Business School (a premier business school) are a form of knowledge dispense platform from prominent industry heads and figures. It is true all organizations and companies are set up to thrive and multiply their initial capital investments. This means a systematic appraisal of their performance on a variety of indicators and indexes that help benchmark their progress on a prolonged path to progress and sustainable growth. It also helps to point out their strengths with regard to competitors and initial outlined objectives.dscn2652

That is why the performance and contributions of human resource is also very important, critical and vital in this endeavor.

Target Areas of Guest Lecture by Mr. Kamal Kumar, Senior General Manager, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd.   

As an industry figure in the position of a senior general manager, for Mr Kamal Kumar it is obvious the points outlined below play a crucial role in the organizational and developmental work of most businesses and companies. This is why they are vital and important to most businesses / companies.

Performance Management System; most PMS systems they aim at employee effectiveness and productivity.  They define the employee responsibility, sustained feedback on performance, set objectives, etc.


HRIS and other Aspects of Performance Appraisal; first of all, HRIS stands for human resource information system that helps to draw attention to critical aspects of talent in an organization or professional environment. It provides easier and systematic handling of professional management issues using customized software like human resources, accounting, management and company / business payroll.


There are several long term strategic and bonafide administrative advantages of having cumulative performance management for companies, organizations and set-ups aspiring for professional excellence and better human resource productivity at the highest levels.
With an attentive JK business school audience and a passionate industry speaker, it is evident that this part of management is taken seriously by modern firms in an effort to step up their performance indicators on a range of parameters especially human resource management. Mr. Kamal Kumar is the senior general manager at Dhanuka Agritech Ltd, a manufacturer of wide range of agricultural products.


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