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The HR Conclave – Carving New Niches for the Competitive Business Environment

JK Business School organized the annual HR Conclave with elan. Taking the initiative to lead the fast changing and constantly evolving HR concepts, the event was organized to discuss the uprising “HR Analytics-Challenges ahead”

The event was aimed at creating insights which would prove useful for management institutes as well as for HR managers to effectively handle complex Human Resource needs in the future and discuss the challenges by getting together on board the analytical minds, entrepreneurs, emerging Business rock stars/promoters of startups on the same platform to discuss, debate the subject.


The pace with which the business concepts are fast  evolving coupled with a new level of growth been witnessed by the Indian economy thereby  opening up new business opportunities which in turn has brought forward with it new operative challenges. This radical market shift has rendered the HR function even more vital and challenging thus highlighting the role of getting analytics into play. Senior corporate dignitaries shared their views on the theme and generated an interactive and meaningful industry-academia understanding towards HR roles.

Talent has become a scarce commodity and organizations are now applying analytics to get the best out of their employees. The essence of effective analytics in any segment of an organization is the distillation of voluminous data into actionable information. An effective analytics system must act as the conduit to information oblivious, but hidden from the evident. Workforce analytics makes the data-driven decision implementable and moves businesses beyond the realms of guesswork, intuition, and ad-hoc spreadsheets.

The event commenced with a welcome note by Brig. (Dr.) Ajay Mehta, HOD-HR, JK Business School. Brig. (Dr.) Mehta said “Human Resources have always been an issue of concern. From mere resources to asset and then Human Capital , the perception always has been progressive and evolving.”

A new dimension was attached to the interaction by Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School, who opened the debate packed with technical data and stated details courting the various shades of workforce today, their mental makeup, aspirations and attitude. Dr. Marwah laid emphasis on capability analytics –which allows identifying the capabilities and core competencies one needs in the business.

He further opined on capacity analytics and ruminated that people are spending too much time on admin vis-a-vis profitable work. He stirred the thought by bringing in a bold statement of Mr. Vineet Nayar which said ”HR will be dead by 2020” and went about towards quantifying the new megatrends which will make HR jobs obsolete.

On the issue of ‘Employee-churn-on-Employee retention’ analytics, he generated food for thought by quoting “HR Analytics -is it fad or value add” and churned the minds of the august gathering to analyze as to ”Why do we need HR analytics?

Expert speakers, voiced concerns which mostly dealt with Gen Y.

Dev Chander Jha, Head –Business HR, Videocon  Industries Ltd.

“HR Analytics is growing in strength and will be more mature in times to come. The HR managers will have to gear up for extracting meaningful result from the voluminous data.”

Lokesh Mehra, Director, Million Lights

“HR has undergone metamorphosis – from mere compliance it has turned into huge analysis in itself. Data has to be valuable in order to yield meaningful results and check performances and arrest attrition rates.”

Qamer Siddiqui, Head HR, Galaxy Hotels

“HR analytics if diligently applied will not only increase performance but will help in talent acquisition and increase the power of training too.”

Col. Sudip Mukerjee, an NLP Master

Col. Sudip said “Are our leaders effectively managing the Human Capital- their heart and minds? Analytics could help in improving the managerial functions and increase job satisfaction & minimizing attrition.”

Ms. Monica Dhawan, Director, Fusion Corporate Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Dhawan strongly supported and voiced the importance of HR analytics towards helping in customer engagement in foreseeable future and recommended that data will be beneficial                                                                for the organization in many ways.”

Mr. Vijay Dahima, Chief consultant, Dale Carnegie Training & Koenig

“Managers need to focus on buster process than on builder processes. Criticality of data, capability of employees to handle data & creditability of data will be key issues for good HR analytics in business today”

Mr. Vishal Sehgal, CEO& MD, Nishchay Educorp

“Pressure has not led to data but it is data which is leading to pressure- as we are oblivious what we measuring and why? Managers need to be extremis vary of data and read carefully the fine print as data if not timely, consistent, correlated and analyzed can be devastating.”

Mr. Sidharth Gupta, Deputy VP, Microtek

“Challenges on the ground today are of data cleanliness, interpretation skills, and capability issues of HR team.”

Mr. Alok  Narain, CHRO, Quatrro

“HR analytics can be efficiently used for improving job satisfaction, reducing absenteeism, and presenteeism.It can also help to improve reputational losses and revenue losses incurred by the organization.”

Ms. Neetu Sharma, Corporate Resource Centre Head, JK Business School coordinated and conducted the mega event.

Eminent Guest from various companies like TCS, Microsoft,  Indiabulls,  Genpact,  Nestkeys, Jaro Education, Brandstreet, Yes Bank, Cyber Media, Indag Rubber Ltd, Jaguar Oversea, Abroad Shiksha, Accenture, Dream folks, OYO ROOMS,Dale Carneige, U B wealthy, Trans Union, S.A.L.T, Universal Management, Gemini Solutions, AITMC, Technofast, VCNY to name a few, graced  the event.

The event concluded with an open discussion between the speakers and HR heads of various companies discussing the big challenges of HR analytics faced by the Hr managers in search of right tool to tackle various facets of HR and improve the performance and profitability.

The students of JKBS also got the chance to personally interact with the speakers and the esteemed audience. The event was a resounding success.

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