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Brilliant Performance of JKBS Students in the IIMBx MBA Prep programme 2018

Continuing the legacy of excellence and commitment as envisaged by its founder President Govind Hari Singhania, first year PGDM students of the school scored brilliantly in the IIMBxMBA Prep Programme. Out of the 50 students who took the exam this year, 14% of the students scored above 90% in all the three subjects and a whopping 62 % scored distinction. 98 % of the students qualified the three course foundation programme leading to certification.

This outstanding performance in the IIMBx is the result of the collaborative efforts put in by the focused, hardworking students and the motivated faculty. Continuous videolectures, supporting notes, weekly quizzes and assignments prepared students for the rigor of the IIMBx MBA Prep Course.

JK Business School had signed an agreement withIIMBx for the MBA Prep programme in order to provide an opportunity to its students to upskill themselves through digital learning and to prepare them for the entry level in management education. JKBS was set up amidst the advent and influx of information technology and new emerging models of business. Partnership with IIMBx is the latest endeavour by JK Business School towards its commitment to provide best educational opportunities to its students and make use of its state-of-the-art technology.

Dr. Sridhar, the convener of IIMBX program at JKBS says “It has been an enriching experience for students of JK Business School. I firmly believe that this programme laid a firm foundation for business management students who have gained from the combined power of eminent faculty from IIM Bangalore and state of the art educational technology. It is evident from the excellent performance of the students that the enthusiasm of the faculty and their approach towards learning seems to have rubbed off on the students.”

Ms.Tania, one of the PGDM students who undertook the IIMBxMBA Prepprogramme states, “Living in this age of cut throat competition, being an achiever is indeed difficult but for those who have a willing heart and mind, there is no better place and time than now and here”.
However, having said so the journey would have been indeed more arduous if not impossible, had it not been for the faculty at IIMBx and JKBS, who made it a point to keep their guidance continuous, simple and clear.

The easy access to resources and provision of reference materials indeed went a long way in helping me prepare for the examination. Regular screenings that included assignments and tests not only helped us stay focused but also helped us keep to disciplined and with a view to learning, earning the certificate and the achievement of completing the course.”

Dr. P.D. Jose the Chairperson of Digital Learning (IIMBx) program at IIM Bangalore congratulated the students for their hard work and commendable performance. He further said that, “IIMBx is glad to work with JK Business School in helping improve the quality of management education”.

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