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International Conference on Global Sustainability and Contemporary Issues in Business

Call for Paper/Participation/Case Studies
Sustainability is about making more efficient use of resources for the good of the earth and society. It is ultimately about ‘adding value’ to the businesses with people, planet and good business decisions in mind. There is so much more to sustainability that affects every company for example: employee engagement; suppliers and supply chain; operational efficiency; resource consumption and waste; packaging and facility design; volunteerism; governance; ethics, to name a few. Moreover, there are issues of sustainability which have serious ecological, social and economic implications for the stakeholders and the regulators. The other dimension of sustainability is about the environmental challenge that accompanies economic development.

Research and advancements in cleaner production and clean energy have spurred a new generation of entrepreneurs to commercialize renewable energy resources and sustainable products, from biodiesel and wind farms to biodegradable products and solar powered vehicles. The sustainable business movement is also changing the way we teach business, as shown by the growth in post-graduate programs focused on sustainability, environmental policy, and non-profit management.
Leading-edge organizations are taking sustainability further, making it part of their core value propositions. This leads to innovative enterprises that are more sustainable in every sense of the word, including the ability to endure over the long term. This economic and social transformation, already underway, is leading to tremendous market opportunities.
Beaing this is an emerging paradigm, Academics, researchers, students and representatives from industry, government and non-governmental organizations need to share their findings and learn from each other, in order to facilitate the transformation in how economic activity is conducted, allowing human societies to be sustained and thriving
The conference offers a platform for scholarly and applied conversations among a wide variety of stakeholders concerned with the continual challenge of advancing the sustainable business agenda: people, planet, profit.
GSCIB 2013 invites scholarly interactions among academics, researchers, doctoral students, entrepreneurs, representatives from industry, governmental and non-governmental organization
As the fields of business, sustainability, and sustainable business cross over into multiple areas and disciplines, authors are welcome to submit from a range of topics, perspectives, and disciplines. The range of research submissions may include conceptual, empirical, experimental, and case studies.

For Details Visit At : http://conference.jkbschool.org/

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