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Introducing new logo of JK Business School

JK Business School gladly unveils its new logo with fresh feel and look. It clearly captures the spirit of optimism and enthusiasm with which we work. Showing the three pillars on which we stand- ‘Learn, Innovate and Excel’, it reflects the clear vision and approach that we have for our students at JK Business School.JK Business School

The new logo is highly symbolic of development and growth for every individual at the campus, be it students or even faculty members. Upgrading the knowledge and applying in practical terms is where the key to success lies. With the dedication of forging these gems with our efforts and motivation, we have designed the logo to constantly remind everyone to push themselves forward to achieve the goals.

Reflecting JKBS vision, the logo incorporates an open book symbol (representing the shift from Traditional Knowledge creation to Digital learning mode), the original JK Organization Logo of “Hand and Hammer” – a symbol of progress and strength that denotes an active and busy wheel with 24 spokes- a legacy of continuous contribution to Indian Business, a motto ‘Learn | Innovate | Excel’ to emphasize the focus on providing the knowledge platform and a value system that nurtures budding talent. The logo is a combination of three vibrant colors: Royal Blue signifying the quality of knowledge delivery and the perseverance of the youth, who are the mainstay of institution’s academic activities and Orange representing both the creativity and young ideas that the platform promises to encourage and deliver. The Golden leaf represents higher ideals, wisdom and great Quality.

Thus, by combining all these symbols, what we get is the top business school of Gurugram that ensures shaping these students to become the future leading entrepreneurs of this world through constant learning and innovation.

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