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JK Business School Hosts Orientation Programme ‘ADHWAN’ for PGDM 2022-24 Batch

JK Business School, a leading Business School in India and the Asia’s top industry anchored B-School, recently conducted Orientation Programme ‘Adhwan’ for its newly joined PGDM 2022-24 batch starting on 27th june 2022. The 35 days annual orientation programme Adhwan takes place upon the completion of 100-days onboarding program ‘Buniyaad’- an induction program to strengthen the basics of management and bridge gaps by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds on a common level of understanding before starting the PGDM Program at JKBS. Buniyaad is conducted in 2 phases- Pre-Foundation and Foundation Program. The Program is enriched with session on leadership, current affairs, company presentation, quizzes and many more. Buniyaad-2 consist of many interactions with the corporate world through online networking and meetings. Many activites such as Webinars and e-Talks with Founders, etc were conducted to keep students abreast with the changing times and to pay a platform to enable students to become thoughtful leaders and managers in the long run. Buniyaad holds great significance for freshers as it prepares students for 2 years journey of comprehensive learning.

JK Business School officially welcomed the PGDM batch of 2022-24 during the onboarding ceremony on 1 August 2022, which started with lighting the lamp of knowledge followed by Saraswati Vandana and welcoming the chief guest of the day Shri Arvind Thakur and Dr S.K.Mahapatra.

The PGDM Batch of 2022-24 has a good diversity in the class. The academic mix has graduates ranging from various streams like engineering, commerce, humanities, science, and management. In terms of professional experience, the batch has a balance of fresh graduates as well as working professionals. Diversity in the domains of working professionals, academic background and the geographical location of fresh graduates is expected to enrich the learning experience of the students within the classroom.

Addressing the occasion Dr S.K.Mahapatra said, “I whole-heartedly welcome PGDM batch 2022-2024 and congratulate them for successfully completing the foundation program”. He further added, “2 years comprehensive PGDM program at JKBS will focus on Tech Savvy curriculum, Strong industry connect and Learning beyond academics. JKBS curriculum is laid on outcome based approach and problem based learning in order to harness the ‘higher-order thinking skills’ (HOTS). This will foster analytical and critical thinking abilities of students and help them make data-based decisions and inculcate cross-cultural perspectives so they can function seamlessly in a global business environment. Thus, our focus will be majorly on working on real time projects with industry professionals to give students firsthand experience of the real world scenarios.”

The organisation has served the nation with over 135 years of contribution to the education industry and continues to carry on the legacy. Located in Gurugram, JK Business School is affiliated to Gurugram University, a State University of Haryana and offers management and business related courses. The goal at JK Business School is to prepare the students for the contemporary business environment which demands for qualified and skillful professionals. It offers the student an environment, where they grow and acquire knowledge through practical experience including real life situations and case studies, applications based on real industry data, engaging projects, and an extensive corporate link where industry veterans handle the academic delivery.

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