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JKBS students return from ‘Tomorrow’s India’ conference in Singapore; enriched, inspired and invigorated.

Seven JKBS students had an experience of a lifetime being part of a truly international conference, ‘Tomorrow’s India’ held between 24th and 26th January. Global Social India Foundation, a non-profit initiative in partnership with Global Cultural Alliance Ltd had organized the conference to mark India’s Republic Day Celebrations. It showcased the might of the country via entrepreneurial strength and academic excellence. Cultural exchange, knowledge sharing and business focus were the important themes of the conference that offered the students from different parts of the country, studying at the institute, a huge learning experience.

Saransh Patni from Ajmer, Sushant Pareek from Bikaner, Vadodara, Gujarat boys Parth Gaur, and Saurabh Sharma Ashish Saxena from Aligarh, UP, Priyanka Pandey from Beawar, Rajasthan and Agra girl Prerna Pandey were the lucky students who joined their contemporaries from institutes across the country for the conference. They were accorded a warm welcome into Singapore upon arrival on 24th January. The three day conference itself saw a flurry of activities that not only offered students several exciting opportunities but a peek into a foreign culture as well. It all began with the Networking Dinner that was held at the plush Shangri La hotel where students interacted with many entrepreneurs of established and start-up companies.

Given the magnitude of the event it was not surprising to see many leading dignitaries from different walks of life gracing the conference with their presence. The conference at Marina Bay had none other than Her Excellency, Mrs. Vijay Thakur, High Commissioner of India, Singapore make the keynote address that was well received by the audience. Mr. H.P. Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, Tomorrow’s India, Prahlad Kakkar, Founder and Director, Genesis Film Production, and Shailesh Pathak, Executive Director, Bhartiya Group were some of the other big names present at the occasion.

It was a huge moment for Sushant Pareek, who looking back at the event said, “It was a spectacular function with so many business gurus present. Several of them are role models for us and it was amazing to be in the same space as them.” The conference was about knowledge sharing against a cultural backdrop as well. That was achieved during the visits to Nanyang and National University of Singapore, where the students got a peek into the lives of their Singaporean counterparts. Spending times in the classrooms and being shown around the library and campus made for a very interesting visit indeed.

Despite the many cultural differences, the similarities in ambitions and aspirations were not lost on the students. As Priyanka Pandey pointed out, “We were curious to see how students lived there and behaved on the campus. What facilities they had access to and things that motivated them. It was exciting to have that experience.” A visit to Action Community by Entrepreneurship, Singapore’s special platform for start-ups and young entrepreneurs, was another eye-opening experience. As they interacted with young entrepreneurs they understood their vision and conviction, which is integral to meet the challenges they face.

Thus it was a comprehensive learning experience for the students from JKBS, who returned with a fresh perspective on academics, culture and inspiration to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Parth Gaur summed up the experience when he said, “It was unbelievable to be in Singapore for three days, meet so many renowned people and interact with the students from a foreign university. We are grateful to JKBS for giving us an experience that we are going to treasure for a lifetime.” And that was mission accomplished for the institute that strives to offer its students a truly global exposure.

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