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JKBS students to participate in Tomorrow’s India conference in Singapore.

imgSeven students from JK Business School will have the privilege of being a part of the much talked about ‘Tomorrow’s India’ conference to be held in Singapore between 24th and 26th January 2016. Organized by Global Social India Foundation, a non-profit initiative in partnership with Global Cultural Alliance Ltd, the conference will focus on India on the occasion of its Republic Day. Through cultural exchange, knowledge sharing and business focus, the conference will serve as a platform to deliberate on tomorrow’s India.

JKBS, a renowned B School that does its best to offer comprehensive learning experience to students and global exposure will have its seven management aspirants attend the. Saransh Patni, Sushant Pareek, Parth Gaur, Saurabh Sharma, Ashish Saxena, Priyanka Pandey and Prerna Pandey  are the lucky students who will be present at the three day conference. Global Cultural Alliance is the creator of Spotlight Singapore, a well known international exchange program that has been held in six countries over the last decade.

The students are clearly excited about the conference as Sushant pointed out. “I can’t believe we have been given this opportunity to travel to Singapore and listen to some of the biggest names in industry. It will be a huge learning experience for us.” The conference will not only showcase India’s entrepreneurial strength but academic excellence as well. ‘Tomorrow’s India’ will also include a visit to Singapore’s special platform for start-ups and young entrepreneurs – Action Community by Entrepreneurship. Cultural programs will make the event engaging and lively for all participants.

Importantly, the conference will bring together business icons, leaders, thinkers, policy makers, innovators and cultural ambassadors. Some of the big names present will be Mr. Santosh Desai, MD & CEO of Futurebrands India Ltd. and Mr. Vijay Iyengar, Chairman and Managing Director, Agrocorp International Pte ltd. They and other experts from various fields will be part of panel discussions that offer great prospect. Students from JKBS will also have plenty of opportunities to interact with the experts as there will be networking dinners and lunches to look forward to.

That is something that has Ashish, who is part of the group travelling to Singapore, visibly excited. “It’s a big deal to be sharing the same breathing space as some of these stalwarts from the industry. We will be listening to them and interacting with them; it doesn’t get more inspiring than this,” he says with a smile on his face. Students will also gain a lot from industry and academic visits in Singapore, which will give them valuable insights into the functioning of business and academia in a developed foreign country. This is the first of ‘Tomorrow’s India’ conferences, which are planned at a frequency of every six months to showcase the might of the country in today’s global context.

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