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Knowledge Center at JK Business School

A college library is a student’s lifeline and a hub of campus life. It is that place that expands your learning experience, helps you conduct your research, prepare for exams, gain extra information and enhance your knowledge. Books are indeed the best friends in a student’s life. They give an insight of things and shape their life in the right direction.

At the best college in Gurugram, we can gladly say that there are abundant resources and study material present to help our students maximize their learning capacity. Our well equipped and furnished library holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, audio-visual materials, CDs, e-journals, case studies, etc.

best Business School of DelhiAs Stephen King has rightly pointed:

                                              “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

It is indeed the place where our students can unveil the magic of learning and. Listed below are the resources available with us at the best Business School of Delhi

Resources, books and journals- Be it technical knowledge that you seek or just fond of reading about general stuff, JK Business School has books on various subjects from distinguished and prolific writers. In fact, there is vast research material present to help you with your own research work and projects.

Other resources- CDs, newspaper clippings, research articles, project reports, Govt. reports etc. are encompassed in that magical area of our college. All these resources are fetched from various sources to support the academic program of every student studying in the Institute.

Electronic Library- Our e-Library is built to provide our students a world class online library system. It provides a single window access to all the subscribed electronic devices in the library. Moreover, Emerald Full text Library Networking JK Business School Library has facility of resource sharing with other Libraries through Ebsco.

J Gate- It is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. It has massive database of journal literature written by prominent writers. JKBS has subscribed to this wonderful channel in order to provide our students the best material there is to help them become bigger and better.

So, get going you all and make the most of these resources available at the top business school in Gurugram!

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