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Students with a spiritual disposition, interested in learning leadership skills will gain insight into the infinite opportunities to do so by the lessons from the Bhagwat Gita which have been relevant for thousands of years!

The Introduction: The Context of the Gita

Sutra 1: The Warrior’s Journey

All Wars Are First Fought in the Mind

The Mind is a Mob

The Ego is a Disposable Idea

Leaders Embrace Discontinuity by Dispossessing the Ego

The Secret of Invincibility: The Conquest of the Binary Mind

Self is the Cause; Self is the Effect

Hunting for the I

Sutra 2: Invincible Wisdom

Grief, Pity, and Shame: The Mind’s GPS System

Creating Alternative Reality

Motivation and the Monkey Mind

The Leader’s Inspiration Comes from Unselfish Work

Unselfish Work Leads to Evenness of Mind

Applying Invincible Wisdom: Powered by the Intellect and Driven by Unselfishness

Sutra 3: Karma Yoga

Arjuna’s Dilemma: The Warrior as Worrier

Work and Its Secret: Action, Inaction, and Effortless Action

Karma Yoga: Work as Worship

The Yajna Spirit: Discovering the Timeless Cycle of Work

Swadharma: The Case for Righteous Action Work as a Means of Realizing Who We Are

Sutra 4: Timeless Leaders Pursue Purpose as the Source of Supreme Power

Sutra 5: Leadership is the Art of Undoing

How Anchors of the Past Hinder Performance

The Art of Detached Involvement

Evolving to the Equality of Vision

The Art of Undoing

Divyanshu Barnwal and Sonali Verma

Students, PGDM Cohort 2020

Members, DMRC and CRC

JK Business School (JKBS)

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