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My College Experience

Getting PDGM admission to the apt college was the first milestone in my career graph. Although leaving home wasn’t easy, my parents supported my dream of studying among the best MBA colleges in India. So, when I secured a seat in JKBS, it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I still remember the surge of emotions that I felt as I took my first step into this prestigious College. Having met the PDGM eligibility criteria at JKBS, I was filled with nervous excitement to explore unprecedented opportunities that the college has to offer. The faculty and members made me feel comfortable and eased my transition from home to university.

Campus life came with unimagined freedom, and a lesson in being responsible for it was the first time that I stayed away from my family. I adjusted by implementing self-made rules to remain disciplined yet have my leisure time. The friendly JKBS faculty guided and nurtured me throughout this phase, focusing not only on academics but also on my personal goals.

I acquired a unique and wide-ranging learning experience with the best course and a systematic, progressive and comprehensive curriculum. I met fellow learners from diverse backgrounds who helped me understand their cultures and cultivate my sensibilities. My overall journey at JKBS is providing me with the needed competitive edge for a flourishing career.

As I continue to explore my potential in one of the top management colleges in Gurgaon, I am delighted to have developed proficiencies that will stay with me for life. Ups and downs in academics may be part and parcel of my learning curve, but the friends I acquired, the fun college activities and the memories I have created at JKBS will be cherished forever.

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