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PGDM Course Curriculum at JK Business School

The two-year Post Graduation Diploma Course (PGDM) at JK Business School is divided into 6 trimesters of 3 terms each year. The course at Top B Schools in Gurugram is designed in such a way that it covers up all the necessary subjects required for the growth of a student’s knowledge in the relevant stream as well as beyond. It also includes various optional/ non-credit subjects involved particularly to enhance the overall personality of a student.
http://ifeel.edu.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/pgdm-1.jpgThe First Trimester includes six main subjects with two non-credit subjects of- IT for Managers (Lab sessions) and the other one being Personality Development-I. In the first trimester, the students are given a basic understanding about Management perspective, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics etc.

The Second Trimester has seven main with additional subject on end term project and one more on personality development-II which is a non-credit subject. The second year starts shaping the understanding related to Quantitative Techniques, Economic Policies, Business Research Methods, Marketing and Financial Management etc.

The Third Trimester offers 6 subjects with three additional subjects- one dedicated to end term project, one on Personality Development (non-credit) and lastly Presentation and Evaluation of Summer Training Project Report. In this, Legal Aspects of Business, International Business, Cost & Management Accounting and Management Information System are taught.

For Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Trimester, the students have to select from the given choices of electives such as Finance, HR, IB, Logistics & SCM, Marketing etc apart from the compulsory and non-credit subjects. These elective subjects helps the students to streamline their area of interest and grow in the same department to avail the best opportunities in future.

Apart from these main subjects, the students at Top B Schools in Gurugram are made to select two optional workshop courses from the given choices of International Marketing, Logistics and Supply Management, New Venture Planning, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, International Economics and Business Environment.

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