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First thing first, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management and MBA for Management in Business Administration. People often get confused between the relevance of PGDM and MBA. As we know that PGDM is Diploma in Management therefore, the students get a Diploma Degree after the completion of their course. However, this course holds equal importance as MBA. The studies and placement report of the top college in Gurugram stands as a witness for the same.









Come! Let’s have a look at some more benefits of PGDM over MBA-

PGDM course offered by JKBS-
PGDM course is a highly flexible and developmental course which focuses on building the student’s knowledge in diverse sectors. Keeping this aside, MBA course is offered by selective institutes only which bind the student to choose their rightful path. PGDM course encourages equal participation from all students giving them equal opportunity at all levels.

Curriculum of PGDM is flexible-
Syllabus of PGDM is very flexible and beneficial for the students. As JKBS is an Autonomous Institute, it is very easy for them to change the syllabus of PGDM according to the business environment and market trend. Whereas MBA course is always same as before and sometimes change but in a sluggish fashion.

PGDM course focuses on practical aspect-
MBA courses are basically focused on theoretical aspect and subject. They pay more attention to theory than practical. Whereas at JKBS in PGDM courses, we give attention to practical training and subjects that are beneficial for our students. We motivate innovative activities to help students create and initiate different ideas that can help them in their career growth.

PGDM gives high level posts-
An MBA programme helps students in developing their technical skill and also helps them to understand and get knowledge of business whereas PGDM courses help students to get high level posts in MNCs. The graduates from JKBS of PGDM course are selected by many reputed companies for senior level posts and undoubtedly prove favorable for their career.

Hence, if you are looking PGDM course in Top Business School of Gurugram, opt for JK Business School and get ready for the most successful career journey.

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