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Placement Report of JK Business School of 3 batches

JK Business School has really maintained its position of being favorite of recruitment companies in all these successive batches. The placement reports of the three batches showcase immense talent that they are able to fetch from the organizations. Different MNC’s have been able to dig out the best and dedicated personnel required for their work from this esteemed institution.

With the world- class education system and International platform provided to various students, the recruitment companies are always sure that our students are intelligent, sharp and possess capabilities to become future leaders of many International companies.

It is not us but our proven results that do the talking for us. So, have a look here to know the placement selection of students from different fields in the past years-

PGDM Batch 2015-17
In this session’s report of JKBS, there were 34% placements in Marketing department followed by CRM at 24%, Sales at 18%, and Finance at 11%, and Logistic at 9% and HR at 3% which shows the versatility of profiles that companies have been looking for. Our talented students made it to the top MNC’s with incredible packages and wonderful profiles. What’s worth noting here is that there has been a massive rise in the placements in various departments stating the improvement in opportunities as well as growth of the Institution!

PGDM Batch 2015-17 Placement ReportPGDM Batch 2014-16
In the 2014-2016 batches at JKBS, placement trends showed an inclination towards Human Resource (22%) and Marketing Department (29%) as the main domain for the recruitment companies. While operations department (12%) also gained good number of placements, other departments like Logistic, IT, CRM and Sales stood at 11% and the remaining three at 5% respectively which were higher as compared to the previous years.

PGDM Batch 2014-16 Placement ReportPGDM Batch 2013-2015
In the batch of 2013-2015, Logistics departments had tremendous results at 43% of the total percentage. Finance department stood at 29% whereas HR and Marketing departments captured 14% of the total placements. As it is clear with the results of the following batches, the knowledge and capabilities of the students fascinated the recruiters to such a level that it led to the rise in job opportunities in the subsequent years!

PGDM Batch 2013-15 Placement ReportTherefore, with the actual placements reports of the best business school in Gurugram, you can evaluate the incredible talent and opportunities that lies in the baggage of JKBS.

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