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Sayonara PGDM 2015-17 at JK Business School

As the happiness sprouts with new batches coming up, there is a sense of nostalgia hitting us at the same time as we have to bid our goodbyes to the preceding PGDM batch of 2015-17. With the time coming near, there is a longing to stop them but then these little birds need to be set free so that they can explore the skies of vast opportunities.

Every batch forms a special bond with their teachers and college and all of become a family with each member having their own role to play. We all seek knowledge from each other to become better with each passing day. It has been such a pleasure to see these little flocks growing into independent personalities with the help of their faculty members. These two years have been tremendous with such seeking students.
PGDM batch of 2015-17
Thus, to celebrate their success of passing the college with flying colors and to wish them the best for the future to come, JK Business School is conducting a farewell party “Sayonara” on July 29th, 2017. For the occasion, the preparations have been going on by students at high pace with full vigor and enthusiasm. Various efforts are being put up to make this day a memorable one for all the students.

It gives us so much pleasure to see that our students are placed in MNC’s to start a new chapter of their lives and now, although it is time for them to get separated with us, but it is their success in respective careers and well bring is all we look forward to.

Beyond all this, it is no surprise to say that the reminiscence of the past with these gems have been inked in the lives and hearts of both the teachers and the college which will definitely be cherished forever!
Kudos PGDM batch 2015-17!

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