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The Significance of GDPI’s in Today’s Scenario

The Significance of GDPI’s in Today’s Scenario

The idea behind conducting GDPIs is to build a secure communication between the corporate world and candidates before they take new paths together. And when it comes to associating with the top B schools in the Delhi/NCR, the management body of the institutes ensure students get what they’re aiming for and become leaders of tomorrow by evaluating them thoroughly. The GDPI or the group discussion and personal interview encourage and enlighten companies that are on the verge of hiring most excellent candidates to work on board with them. Given the fact that the best B schools in Gurugram offer world-class teaching and training facilities, it is essential for students to have an exposure of the challenging business environment and group discussions surely will have them experience the perspectives of companies seeking right candidates.



GDPI focuses on hunting new talent that industry is striving to obtain in the current scenario. It also allows Asia’s industry standard anchored business schools to assess candidates by their aptitudes and interests and try to analyze the best skills they possess. Group discussions are conducted to examine how far a candidate can withstand a pressure of unstructured situations that may come their way during the discussion process.

In fact, some of the top B schools in India simulates group discussions in the form of cases studies, where a real-life situation is given to the students to study the case thoroughly and come to the best possible solutions as a group. Not only are candidates evaluated for their clear thought of action and communication via GDPI, but also valued on the fact about their comfort amongst other group members, and whether they possess teamwork quality or not.

By now, we must be well versed with the fact on how GDPIs function. Some tips that would help you handle the tension during group discussions are listed below:



# Never hesitate to say ‘no’ when you don’t know about a particular thing. This would boost your confidence and will have the interviewer build faith in you.

# There may be times when while attending a GDPI you might have to give a personal introduction. It is the time when you could crack all obstacles in one go. Be extremely precise while answering this one as no one is looking forward to a long speech here. The more accurate your introduction will be, better chances for you to move ahead to other rounds of discussion.

# Thirdly whatever topic comes to you for the discussion should be well thought for before coming up with any conclusions.

Following all the steps mentioned above will surely help you become market leaders of tomorrow and awaken a broad spectrum of opportunities that were missing until now. Come and be a part of the GDPI at the top B schools across India to have a better idea of the challenging business environment and excel in your respective streams as a management student.


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