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What recruiters look for while hiring freshers?

Getting dream jobs has become even more tough especially after the Covid -19 pandemic.Today, due to talent crunch and employability cost, recruiters are extra vigilant and cautious while hiring. Recruiters understand that a wrong hire will lead to loss of productivity, time, energy, company reputation , low employee morale , higher cost of training and development, replacement cost and this will drain the organization.

As freshers, you should work on a few key qualities which recruiters look for in any candidate, irrespective of the role they hire for.

  1. Freshers should build their competencies through acquiring various domain related certifications, internships, training programs and live projects. Upskilling makes the candidate more relevant in the job market.
  2. Effective communication is paramount. The focus should not only be in developing verbal and written communication skills but also work on building a positive body language and ensuring good listening skills.
  3. Fundamentals need to be clear, your knowledge in your subject decides your future! You should not forget you are in the knowledge economy.
  4. Problem solving and logical thinking are rare skills which recruiters look for in freshers. Recruiters analyze how you handle different situations and this helps them gauge how you would absorb new things and solve larger problems in the future.
  5. Honesty and Integrity are personal values which play a pivotal role in hiring. Recruiters understand that as humans we all make mistakes, candidates should be able to accept, own up to their past mistakes and share correct information during interviews.
  6. Fire in the belly shows that the candidate is not joining the organization just to do any regular job but is joining with a goal to make a difference. The zeal to achieve higher goals and personal aspirations also helps organizations to achieve larger success.
  7. Flexibility to shift gears, adapt to changes, willingness to work in any shift, work beyond office hours, ready to relocate or travel to any location gives candidates more edge over others.

    Prof. Charu Sharma
    Assistant Professor,JK Business School (JKBS)

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