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ADHWAN’19 PG ’21 & UG ‘22

This Monday morning set a new tone for the students of UG’22 & PG’21, as it was designated to celebrate the onset of their life in management which starts here at JK Business School. Adhwan is an event at the end of the 50-day onboarding program that every newcomer at JKBS finds worth waiting for. On this final day of the onboarding program, when the fresh batch has had a taste the tough waters of a professional course, we officially welcome them to the JKBS family. This is a time of celebration and also of a sneak-peek into their future here, of their journey from Campus to Corporate, and also a time of guidance with some real-life examples and anecdotes as to how to go about it.

Adhwan’19 was honored by the presence of Mr. Vishal Sehgal, who is the Managing Director & CEO of Nischay Educorp and also a guest lecturer at JKBS. Adhwan’19 started with the lighting of the lamp by Mr. Vishal Sehgal, Dr. Sanjiv Marwah (Director), Dr. Richa Dahiya (Dean) and Prof. Vikram Tyagi in the presence of the faculty, staff and the UG & PG students of JKBS.

The event commenced with an opening note by the Director on the theme of “Campus to Corporate”. He described how the institute’s main objective is to guide all the management students to be job-ready, well-groomed, and at absolute ease with their forthcoming corporate life. He emphasized, “As an industry-oriented business school, we have a lot to offer, but it is up to you to choose what you take from here.” He concluded by welcoming all the management students and wishing them well for their time of learning here at JKBS.

This refreshing opening speech was followed by an interactive session by Mr. Vishal Sehgal, as he re-established the idea of ‘Campus to Corporate’ in his own unique way. He stated that the most important elements that should be present in any candidate looking for future employability are analytical thinking & innovation, learning, critical thinking & analysis. He also talked about the impact of social media in today’s world and also shared some facts like the highest-paid Instagram celebrity i.e., Priyanka Chopra. He spoke in detail about how change is important in everyone’s life and that the ones who don’t change will become obsolete, therefore it is absolutely necessary to adapt with the change and upgrade ourselves to stay relevant. A few lines quoted by him left a great impact on the students and would surely be remembered in the years to come, “Continuous reinvention is the ultimate Mantra”, “Read, read, read and read some more”, “Till you are wrong, you won’t be right”.

Mr. Sehgal continued his lecture by discussing how one can improve not only their communication skills but also their interaction and thought process. He encouraged the students to become great learners with the help of 5 important mantras – i) Read Voraciously, ii) Write Every Day, iii) Understand The Application Of The Tools That You Have, iv) Build A Network, And v) Be Grateful. He also shared his experience of a unique program from his college days at Harvard called “100 Great Books”. He suggested to all the management students to write at least 200-300 words on a daily basis and to read at least 30 books in a year so as to enhance their verbal and analytical skills. He concluded by stressing on the power of Networking, how it is important for one’s career growth and how to build a strong network.

Finally, the Adhwan’19 came to an end with an award ceremony facilitating the deserving PG ’21 students for their excellent performance in the academic field in Trimester 1, 2 & 3 with Dean’s Roll of Honours. They were awarded with individual scholarships and proved inspirational for the newcomers. Adhwan’ 19 wrapped up with a group pictures of the students along with the faculty and guest with big smiles and a growth mindset for a bright future.


Sayani Das

JKBS PGDM 2019-21

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