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AIMA Bizlab Accredited Institute

Today’s day was a big achievement for all of us as we have added one more feather in our cap and introduced one of a kind experiential learning program namely biz lab in our college. We are among the nine colleges that have taken this step. This game will allow us to interconnect all our knowledge and implement it and will able us to learn the corporate culture.

It was the perseverance of Mr. Ravi Jangra that we were able to introduce this kind of technology in our college. When we look back in the old days this kind of technology was not available but now we are privileged to have these kinds of educational games. The best part of having a biz lab on our campus is that it is developed in India and “who would not like to have a make in India product.”

With such a huge disruption in the industry from the past few years has also given us the opportunity to innovate. The innovation of new products has been very beneficial for our nation and looking at the statistics out of every five Indian two are innovators whether it be in terms of technological field or not. This has given us a huge recognition of our country worldwide. “Human brain has unimaginable power to do things differently” and “if knowledge is put into it delivers multiple results.” The four pillars on which the company work are technology, skill, entrepreneur and lifelong learning and biz lab helps us to experience each and everything before even getting into the actual corporate world.

Our faculty members have also attended biz lab workshop and got themselves certified so that they can help their students more efficiently, in total ten of our faculty members got certified and we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony and Mr. Neeraj Kapoor Director of AIMA did the honor.

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