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Blood donation camp @ JKBS

‘Raktdaan, mahadaan’ is a well said phrase and the members of Heal Club Committee made it possible for everyone to experience this.

The main coordinator of the event wasSupratim Ghosh and Meghna Mukherjee and with the collaboration of the crew members of Ram ManohranLohia hospital this camp out as a  huge success. The donation camp started around 10.00 am and continued till 3.00pm in the afternoon. All the faculty members and non-teaching staff were equally enthusiastic and energetic as our students about this event. In total, we donated 47 units of blood. Talking about the experience of the donors what they said was “knowing that I’m going to save someone’s life and be a small part of their happiness means the world to me and as an individual I’m giving it back to my society” and this statement warmed my heart as to see that the today’s youth is having this kind of mindset and it ensures our future is going to be bright. At the end of the camp, the members of the committee promised us to conduct more of these kinds of events and help those in need. At last, I would like to say that” donate blood and save lives.”

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