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Diwali 2019

This Diwali was more meaningful to us than all the previous ones, as with this Diwali break we ended the first semester.

This semester started with a huge bang as students from all over India gathered together and gelled along with each other, slowly and gradually these unknown faces became our friends and later meant us like our family members. Staying in a hostel with them taught us how to take care of each other and be more responsible as a person.

The first trimester was full of roller coaster rides and this ride has given us a lot of memories to look back to, we didn’t even realize that we were making memories we just taught we were having fun. Now while packing our bags for returning back to our native places we all know that even though we are excited to see our family but deep down in our hearts we know that we are going to miss the second family that we have created here over time.

The last day before Diwali holidays we had a mini Diwali celebration at our campus. Sweets, cold drinks and snacks were our basic companion and the campus was decorated with lights. Now I can only say that I wish the second trimester brings as much joy and happiness to us and I pray that our bond grows and become stronger day by day.

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