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Farooque Azam talks about how his SIP will serve as a stepping stone towards a successful corporate career

“The Summer Internship Program is a crucial part for building a student’s practical knowledge and sharpening his/her skills and talent. Today, the corporate world is highly competitive and constantly changing, which is why it’s important for management students to back their theoretical knowledge with practical training,” says Farooque Azam from JKBS. He is raring to go with his own internship and believes that it will be an experience that will shape his future career.

Talking of the company he will be working with and the responsibilities he will have to handle, Farooque says, “I will be working with Safe Xpress and my role is to collect extensive information about the company, its products and services. A detailed study of C2H (campus2home service), the market covered by the service, and a study of sales reports and comparative analysis will be other crucial tasks I will take care of.”

Farooque is excited about the fact that his internship will require him to carry out extensive research and aggressive surveying that will involve interactions with people from diverse groups. He also sheds light on the project he will be working on, saying “The project realized the importance of cargo services for students. The basic idea for the study acknowledged that students have greater difficulty to load and move big luggage from one place to another and identifying them as potential customers.” In these brief comments, he sounds like a thorough professional!

The study focused on students and working professionals in Noida and Gurgaon, and Farooque believes that his learning at JKBS has held him in good stead. “I joined the institute because I had heard a lot about it and its PGDM Marketing program,” he says. “I chose the program because it is comprehensive and gives students a solid foundation.  It paves the way for strengthening students’ profiles and instills confidence in them to take on professional challenges.”

According to Farooque, the program also has a stellar record of sending students for diverse SIPs that they benefit from immensely. It means not only do they get practical exposure, but that they also learn decision-making skills as well. “We have to make a presentation in front of the faculty, industry experts at the end of it. We also have to submit a detailed project report and these exercises can gauge how much we have gained from the internship,” he explains, highlighting the demands that students can expect from an SIP.

Farooque feels that the internship will be a test of his personality; but, he is confident of making an impact after being trained for it at the institute. “Each day at JKBS seems to have been geared up towards offering us the know-how for practical, on the job training,” he says, highlighting the education he has received thus far. “Several of the faculty members have industry experience and that helps to a great extent. Overall, I think this experience makes us, students, corporate ready.” Farooque is confident in many ways: confident in the education provided by JKBS, in his own abilities, and in his future as a professional.

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