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GREENHORN 2K19 (Student’s perspective)

So it’s finally the day every first-year student wait for. Fresher’s party has insignificant importance in the life of college students and the amount of dedication and commitment they put into it, is unmatchable and this law applies to each and every student without any exceptions.

So for our freshers, we were in the high spirit too and the dedication and effort which our seniors invested in arranging the party by bunking their classes raised our spirit to another level.

The party started with the golgappa eating competition and the winner of it ate 20 plates (yikes!).

Moving on with the party we had a very glamorous ramp walk and Sonal Jha and Sayan Baidiya were our Miss and Mr fresher but Suresh’s south Indian style and Sayani’s dance were unforgettable too. The title of best attire went to Amaan and Nishu. We had a very energetic ‘lazy dance group’ which was irony in itself and the dance of Vyom was fantabulous. Moving on further with the party we had a DJ night which is the second most awaited thing and when it started we danced the night away (just kidding the DJ turned off around 11) and then we went back to our hostel and had an after-party session.

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