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Jaspreet Kaur considers how her stint at CSUMB can impact her career.

Bonvoyage Jaspreet KaurJKBS, a leading B School based out of Gurgaon, recently opened ties with California State University, Monterey Bay, and the benefits of this connection are there for all to see. One of the highlights of this new found relationship is that students of JKBS will have an opportunity to study at the prestigious foreign university. There are four students who have been chosen for this exchange program and Jaspreet Kaur is one of them. Here she talks about what the program means to her and how she plans to use it to her advantage.

The relationship between JKBS and CSUMB includes programs in faculty exchange and joint research. And for students, the exchange program is a one of a kind opportunity. According to Jaspreet, “It’s an awesome opportunity for me because the exposure I am going to get from this trip is phenomenal. I will be able to live in a foreign country and study in a completely different and dynamic set up. I will try and make the most out of it by trying to immerse myself into a new lifestyle and by understanding cultures from all over the world.”

There is, of course, going to be plenty of opportunities given the fact that California State University system is the largest university system in the U.S. The Monterey Bay campus draws students from all over the world and its faculty members are highly regarded. That creates a dynamic learning experience for students, which Jaspreet looks forward to: “I believe it will be a unique learning experience for me. While others might go to the US for their internships and other opportunities, I will learn a lot from my two month study program at CSUMB.”

Jaspreet will be at CSUMB during the months of July and August, where she will have a full one-term study experience. The Govind Hari Singhania Global Leadership Award takes care of the study costs and other incidental charges, which is a huge relief for the students. All they have to do is take care of the airline costs and they are off to the renowned campus for a unique experience. “Going to the US is like a dream come true and I wouldn’t have imagined that it would happen so early in my life,” Jaspreet says. “I am sure it will have a huge impact on my future career.”

The impact of a study program at a foreign university is definitely tremendous as management students are prepared for global platforms. But the overall personality development of a student that it can lead to is a huge bonus. Jaspreet remains aware of that as she concludes, “I think this trip would make a big positive difference to my personality and mindset as well. As I will learn new things during this trip, it will give me an edge. I would be able to use this experience in my career and broaden my horizons.” And that would be a realization of one of the program’s main goals.

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