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Monika Sharma talks about realizing her dream of going to the U.S. thanks to the CSUMB program; her goal is to use this experience to her advantage

Bonvoyage Monika Sharma 1Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the campus of JKBS, a premier management institute in the country. That’s because the B School has built a relationship with California State University, Monterey Bay. What’s interesting to note is that it is the biggest university system in the U.S. and is a huge attraction for students from different parts of the world. Thanks to the new relationship with the prestigious university, 4 selected students from JKBS will be given the opportunity to head to California to further their education. A visibly elated Monika Sharma is one of them.

The student exchange program with CSUMB will be marked by a two month stay at its beautiful Monterey Bay campus. Monika will spend the months of July and August in the US, rubbing shoulders with contemporaries from various countries. That, for her, will be an experience in itself. “I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of experience so early in my life,” she says, excitedly. “I am definitely going to treasure every moment of it and grow from it. I also consider myself quite lucky because people have to pay huge amounts of money to get an experience like this.”

That is indeed true, but the students from JKBS benefit from the Govind Hari Singhania Global Leadership Award. It means that their study costs and other incidental fees are looked after. That can make the trip substantially lighter on their pockets. About the trip Monica says, “I was told about this trip when I enrolled for the PGDM program and I had also spoken to my faculty members about it. So, I was hoping that I would get this chance in some way and now that I have it, I want to make sure I live it to the fullest.”

So what are her expectations from a trip like this in the first place? Like a seasoned pro, Monica says without batting an eyelid, “I know we are going to get tremendous exposure. I will also come across a diverse group of people from different cultures. Moreover, I will also get an insight into the corporate world and industry in the U.S. Thus, I imagine it to be an all-around experience, which would work towards my personal and professional growth in the long run.” It’s time for Monica to live her dream and gain experience from every moment of the trip.

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