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JK Business School sees a successful placement season on the back of initiatives it implemented in order to make its students industry ready.

JK Business School, often rated as the fastest emerging B School in Asia, has lived up to its reputation with a stunning placement record for the year 2014. Not only did it manage to bring to campus top rung corporate recruiters from all over the country and abroad, it also ensured that its students got placed in quality job profiles that are suited to their aspirations. After all, JKBS focuses on student placements right from the day they are integrated into the program – and, the results are there for all to see.

JK Business School has a special Corporate Cell that strives to bring the best employment opportunities to its students by building strong bonds with top names in various industries. It ensured that names like Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Midland Group, Yamaha, Hilton Worldwide, Tata Consultancy Services and many more came to the institute for recruitment this season. A clearly defined placement process, as well as facilities that make the recruiters feel welcome on campus, clearly went a long way in winning them over too.

It was a sentiment echoed by Mr. Anil K Agarwal, Ex-President, Assocham & CEO, Cosmos Group: “It was a great pleasure to be at JK Institute. It has excellent infrastructure, and a great faculty team focused on for a high-level of learning.” There was a special mention from the recruiters for the students who they felt were “eager to learn and very disciplined too”. It’s something the institute works towards from the onset through systematic interaction with the industry and continuous career counselling for the students.

The Centre for Personal Transformation and Excellence is a vital initiative run by the institute that tries to understand the true potential of students and helps them overcome challenges to reach it. The curriculum and teaching pedagogy employed by the institute is such that students are prepared for the challenges of the industry. Internship programs and interaction sessions with industry experts give them a slice of real-life corporate scenarios, and the much needed cutting edge advantage.

These are just some of the reasons why the industry-ready students from the institute are embraced by recruiters during the placement process. It was the case this year, too, with several students getting recruited with attractive packages. The highest salary bagged by a student has been Rs. 13.8 LPA for an International placement with Midland Group of Companies, UAE. The company also recruited another Business Analyst by offering him Rs. 11.8 LPA. The highest domestic placement package was Rs. 6.25 LPA.

Overall, the placement results were quite heartening, especially given the state the economy has been in recent years. The average salary for the placement season was Rs. 3.5 LPA, which is another figure that should make the institute proud. It’s alumni like Mr. Anand Shankar, Regional Manager, Sales, Ford Motors, who definitely are making JKBS proud. He puts it well when he says, “The institute creates an enriching experience for students that can benefit them all their lives. It’s not only at the beginning of one’s career but throughout it as well.”

JK Business School has definitely proven that it enables students to make a bright start to their careers. The new placement record stands testimony to that.

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