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Shambhavi Singh highlights the role played by JK Business School in grooming her as a professional, which landed her a plum placement.

ShambhaviFor engineering graduate Shambhavi Singh, it was the desire to get a specialization to boost her career prospects that drove her to seek the best PGDM program. That brought her to JK Business School. Since then, it’s been a journey scaling new heights and embarking upon the first stages of her career. She admits that not only has she learned a lot through her academic stint at the institute, but she has also gained in confidence. The cherry on top is that she has bagged a placement with Transport Corporation of India Ltd, one of the leading transport and logistics companies in the country.

The Delhi girl from a business family is definitely on cloud nine today after realizing her dream. She is also excited about the prospect of making a name for herself in the corporate world. “I still have my training to go through with TCI but I am quite looking forward to what the future holds”, she says, with a hint of excitement. “I am eternally grateful to my faculty team at the institute because they constantly motivated me and prepared me for the placement process. The mock interviews we did gave me immense confidence, which showed during my placement”.

Shambhavi had heard of the highly regarded Kanpur branch of her B School, which helped make her mind up when she was looking for the right institute to pursue her PGDM. According to her, it’s the best decision she has made so far: “I am glad I came here and proud to be a part of the family. It has been an exciting journey with many new adventures along the way. I explored many dynamic aspects of management and organizations. Importantly, I built on my personality and communication skills”.

These are the attributes that shone through during the placement process and won her the prestigious job. Shambhavi hopes to build on these skills and make a place for herself in the organization. “Honestly, my institute has given me a lot right from day one”, she says. “There was immense exposure to be had through college festivals and seminars. We had to make several presentations throughout our course and there were group discussions, mock interviews, and case studies, too. It has groomed me into the professional that I am today”.

JKBS offers a solid platform for all young management aspirants who want to see their careers soar. Shambhavi is well aware of that, and that is why she wants her juniors to make the most out of these opportunities. She has sensible advice for the juniors, as she says, “Enjoy your time at the institute and try to learn every step of the way. Participate in inter- and intra-college programs because they help you build on your personality and make you a well-rounded individual.” You can tell that Shambhavi is speaking from a position of experience, as well as immense gratitude.

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