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JOSH TALKS -Anmol Kohli

‘Make your mark’ inspiring millions of first-time voters to make a difference.

Make your mark is a campaign that was initiated by Facebook in order to create awareness about the elections and this campaign received a ‘NATIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN AWARD’.

Miss Kohli was the speaker of this seminar and she spoke about elections in detail and covered each and every aspect of it, she asked us the basic yet most important questions like why should we vote? What are the elections? And when we’re the first elections held in India? She spoke about all the houses and through which way each member is selected in these houses. She taught us the role and responsibility related to these elections and categorized it into three class namely inform, engage and vote. She also spoke about how social media is helping in creating awareness about the topic. She showed us motivational videos of Gauravdeep, Shyam SaranNegi, and Muskan in order to motivate us to cast our votes. The main point is where do we go from here after we are done casting our vote so to this the simple answer is to keep a constant check on the government and act according to it.

India has the highest percentage of youth and this is our responsibility to stop complaining and start making decisions and elect the right candidates to make our country number one.

At the end of the seminar, we took a pledge which says ‘I pledge that I will be an informed voter and engage other people to cast their vote’.

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