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WTALK Gurugram at JKBS


JK Business School was proud to host WTALK by Womennovator Gurugram on 19th of July, 2019. WTALK is a virtual incubator for women entrepreneurs; motivating, inspiring and encouraging them to fearlessly take a step forward.

The programme started with a paraphrased quote by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, let’s make sure women and girls can shape the policies, services, and infrastructure that impact all over lines and let’s support women and girls who are breaking down barriers to create a better world for everyone.
Taking things forward, Tripti Shinghal Somani, founder Womennovator & CEO KGS advisors, spoke about the idea behind Womennonator. Starting from its journey from 2014 with one specific goal in mind, to make a virtual incubator for women entrepreneurs or women who do have exceptional ideas and need a platform to grow their idea into a successful business, to the year 2018, where ‘Womennonator 100 women faces’ entered Asia Book of Records, in association with Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE). She spoke about their expansion to 100 smart cities with the support by MSME and by using their Udyog Aadhar Card specifically for women entrepreneurs. She also spoke about mission W-Cell for colleges that provide assistance in web designing administration and social media campaign for colleges.

The next speaker, Vinita Bhatia, Associate Vice President of Times of India, and an influencer, spoke about her mother being her source of encouragement, of always having the spirit of never giving up no matter what the world says, and to always step forward. She became the first women in the country to head the “Kabaddi League”, bringing India’s own indigenous sport to the mainstream. She rightly quoted, “Do dream, but first have the will and determination to fulfill your dreams.”



Our stage was also graced by Shreemati Pratibha Prahalad, Padmashree & Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee, and Founder Festival director at Delhi International Arts. Sharing her experience she summed it all up quoting “Success is 99% perspiration & 1% inspiration.” She spoke about how she herself being an artist became an entrepreneur. She said that nothing can substitute a good education and that every problem has a solution, you just have to wear your thinking caps, which you can be fostered through good education because that is what education teaches you. It doesn’t teach you how to market or manage but teaches you to think standing on your feet and hit the road running.

Our next speaker, Roshni Baronia, Go-Global, strategist, speaker RB consulting; rightly quoted, “Always dream big, even though success can come in small nuggets also. It doesn’t have to be a big destination or goal; celebrate every success.” She has been an entrepreneur for 15 long years. She encouraged the young audience to always stay curious and to keep learning new things, whether be it from an educational institute or at the workplace or in your business. She also stated that having a growth mindset was her superpower. She specifically deals with women entrepreneurs, make their businesses sustainable and work with them on their success model, revenue enhancement, market access and especially focus on helping them get into international trade.

Moving on to our next speaker, Vertica Dvivendi, Founder Wade Asia, Co-Chair -WEC, Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce & Industry, spoke about her growth strategy in the public sector. She emphasized the importance of learning early in life and also stressed on the importance of setting up a goal as an entrepreneur. She also said, “Sometimes you have to go after the opportunities because not always will they be coming to you. The kind of spirit that an entrepreneur must have is to always search for solutions.”
Moving on to the panel discussion session, Mrs. Tripti, rightly pointed out to always have a follow-up approach in life, as we all are learners.
Mrs. Pratibha focused on the part that at the core of every human being is creativity, and whatever you do there must be some creativity in it.

Mrs. Vertika, commented on growth strategy, how better you can be from the rest, how innovative you can be and how to be the first mover in the industry.

The sessions concluded with Mrs. Tripti’s advice on being thinking creative, patent and copyright.
The students learned a lot right from what exactly is entrepreneurship to how entrepreneurs need to be creative, innovative and patient in order to stand out from the rest. They felt inspired by the speaker’s stories, as each one of them had something very unique to share. It was quite amazing to see how these wonderful women entrepreneurs, influencers & speakers have deep insight into the world of business. With such diverse success stories, all these women inspired others to be innovative and most importantly believe in one’s own ideas.

We, JKBians, as the young leaders and path changers of the new India, will always look up to them for such motivation and as a source of inspiration and aspire to become the next bellwether and also to create history in their likeness.




Meghna Mukherjee

JK Business School

PGDM 2019-21

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