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2014 Gold medalist, Neha Deora, shares how JKBS is poised to go to the next level

Neha“This is the best time to join JKBS because it is going through an important phase of restructuring. There is a lot of scope for students to learn and grow in a very positive learning environment. Of course, as a student of Batch 2014 I experienced it too; but I believe the institute has stepped up its game and taken things a notch higher,” says Ms. Neha Deora, who remains grateful to the institute for helping her embark upon her professional career. Here, she reflects on her times at the institute and her steady growth since.

Ms. Deora joined the institute because of its reputation and to boost her career prospects. That’s exactly what happened after her two-year stint at JKBS, as she was placed with Extra Marks Education Private Ltd. as a School Relation Officer. After working with the company for over a year, she has made the switch to the lucrative National Stock Exchange in Mumbai. “It has been an interesting start to my professional career and JKBS has largely been responsible for it. I hope to build on my learning in the future, as well,” she asserts.

Naturally, she has fond memories of the institute that not only groomed her as a professional but built her as a person as well. Presenting a research paper at the HR Analytics Conference was one of the highlights for her, especially since many companies from the field recruited from her B School. “Of course, winning the Gold Medal from my batch has also been a huge achievement. But I value my friendships and the bonds I have made here tremendously as well. I am also in touch with my faculty members, which says a lot about our rapport,” she adds.

In fact, Ms. Deora admits that she owes a lot to her faculty members, who not only taught her management concepts but life lessons too. After gaining experience in the real world, she is in a position to offer advice to students. She ponders this advice, before replying, “Firstly, I would like students to keep giving their best and learn from activities like organizing events at the B School. It works wonders for one’s self confidence and the reputation of our institute too.”

Ms. Deora also remains proud of the giant strides JKBS has made in recent times and the growth it has seen. “I have come back today and I now see the huge changes happening from a development perspective and also when it comes to learning experiences for students,” she says. “Today’s students should make the most out of the opportunities they have here. I have definitely gained a lot by studying here and coming back was an amazing experience. I can’t describe how thrilled I am to be a part of the JKBS family.” Summing up her sentiments with a touch of nostalgia, her enthusiasm for the institute and her time there is clear. Students of today should follow her example – both as a student and as a professional.

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