Real Time Projects


A revolutionary way of enhancing the quality of education for the students is to integrate them in Real Time projects within organizations right from the time their education begins.

Providing students an opportunity to experience real life projects and face realistic challenges creates instantly employable resources that are ready to hit the floor running and delivering optimum output right from day one of employment.

JKBS has been providing its students with various Live project opportunities with companies like Safe Express, Republic Motors, United Colors of Benetton, Aditya Birla Group etc.

Students placed in live projects are guided by a faculty guide who monitors their performance in a practical environment, guides progress, provides suggestions and feedback and even assesses the students based on actual on the job performance.





Live Project Title Domain Students


1 Aditya Birla


Promotional sales and its impact on revenue Marketing 10 45  Days
2 Republic Motors Marketing Survey and Competitor Strength Analysis. Marketing & Sales 15 2  Weeks
3 Republic Motors Research about normal time taken by a financier to provide loan. / How to build policy manual for a Finance &


13 2  Weeks
4 Glaxosmithk Line (GSK) Survey on Usage & Experiences of

Home Remedies & Ayurveda

Products in India

Marketing 25 3  Weeks
5 Mirus Update and prepare policy manual of the company/ Training scheduled for dealers, Technician and Admin staff HR 16 15 Days-

2  Weeks

6 Safexpress Vendor selection with Multi-Criteria decision making in India Manufacturing Industries Research 23 4  Weeks
7 Nestkeys SALES & marketing of Financial Products Research 11 2  Months
8 InternApp Executing SEO Strategies towards improving a brand’s search engine presence. Marketing 7- Week


9 ICICI Stock


Trading of stocks Finance 78 15  Days

Other Alliances